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Arena sport views

It's the fraction of a second. Bodies stretch, heartbeats slow down to almost zero, breathing stops; life itself is some-how suspended. Then the runner tightens his knees, the javelin thrower takes a run-up, and the swimmer feels his toes leaving the swimming pool border. So the competition starts, the real agonistic contest, the moment that moves people, money, sponsors and media-circus. The support and the national pride come to life, coaches get restless and fans wave flags.

Past and future flow together; the first with its rites, ceremonies and etiquette which for a lifetime have been marking similar occasions; the second with its continuous, never-eding trasformation. both from a spectacular and a technological point of iew. this is what pure passion for sports is like, the one where each person gives himself un to the dream to be on the spotlight.

Yet, at the same time, it is also its deformed extreme, made of doping, violence, role games, politics and athletes treated like objects in order to get their highest performance. Chimera and Bellerofonte. These are the sports of the third millennium, the ones they often talk about, sometimes too often; the ones that make a day or weeks full, the ones that moves much money; the ones that don't seem anymore what they were supposed to be; the ones that turned its protagonist from heroes to VIPs whose fame depends more from mass medias than sheer performances; the ones that forgot the moment where crowds become one single person and one human being carries the experiences of a whole nation.

The starting point of Dainelli's project is the moment where historical value, competitive chance and human esperience merge. Either pictures or important frames of the big events shot in medium or large format but from a less media and elaborate point of viem: the event, the stage and actors will in fact be portrayed as a whole in order to get an image full of information and details. human stories captured in unforgettable situations.

The pictorial model in the same of the great landscape painters, first of all Canaletto, with his spectacular portrayals of events in Venice. The protagonist is easily identifiable, yet is not the only one. The spectator's eye doesn't really understand where to lay its look, as there are so many details to focalize. There are many chatacters crowding the image, each oh them with its own vision of that specific moment in history, as they will be historical moments, events that are going to be remembered.

Moments that people will wish to see and live again, of which tales will be handed down. There will be many details and sports to concentrate upon, as much as the various interpretations.


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