Daniele Dainelli Photographer



“Solo in Italia” There’s a side of Italy which is not often talked about, it’s not told by the news. But this side’s still contemporary and worth to be narrated. The images of 4 Italian photographers, Daniele Dainelli is one of them, follow the words of Antonio Di Pascale which tell us about four different times in Italy’s life. The winter of the suburbs and the new ethnic communities; the springtime of Italy’s suburban squares; the summer of holidays and of the empty industrial spaces suddenly divested; the Mediterranean fall. “Solo in Italia” renovates and upholds the tradition of the photo- reportage as a unique and privileged way to understand the time we live in. Dainelli worked on the theme of summer, choosing on purpose the suburban area within the cities of Vicenza, Treviso and Padua renowned for its productivity, telling through images the silent and unproductive August. The book is published by Contrasto.