Daniele Dainelli Photographer

Tokyo in Eclipse

“1962. In Florence to see and shoot the solar eclipse. A sudden intense cold. A silence, which differs from all the other silences. An ashen light, different from all the other lights. Then the dark, a total immobility. Everything I am able to think is that during the eclipse probably also feelings will stop as well. This idea, in a way, has vaguely to do with the movie I was planning, a sensation more than an idea, but that already defines the film when it is still far from been defined (...). I should have put into the “L'eclisse” opening credits these two verses by Dylan Thomas:
“...There must, be praised, some certainty, If not of loving well, then not””

Michelangelo Antonioni

L'eclisse by Antonioni represents a reference to Daniele Dainelli and his photographs, a confirmation, an inspiration, a possible goal.

In Tokyo, in fact, persons move without communicating with each other and the universe of objects seems to have the same mute and impending presence of human beings.

Daniele Dainelli has travelled all over Tokyo, not as a common tourist but always trying to find and catch the more familiar, daily, usual aspects, even though it remains distant, like immersed in a sort of eclipse that transforms everything making it faint.

As it happens in the famous movie, Dainelli has looked for the same "alternation of noise and chaos, of long silences and cold and geometrical architectures' landscapes" in the Asiatic city - contemporary metropolis par excellence and emblem of a future that by this time is more than present.

In the cold light of "Tokyo in eclipse", the reality details become small metaphors of a fleeting and transitory existence, made of fragmented images and unexpressed feelings.


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